End2end PET in 3 mins

Processing encrypted data

Traditional encryption only focuses on encrypting data during communication, not while processing. But sensitive information is especially vulnerable during processing on the server side. End2End PET (privacy enhancing technologies) ensures data is fully encrypted during both communication and processing.

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Why is End2End PET so important? 

Data is most vulnerable during processing because it needs to be converted to plain text for technical reasons. But this problem goes away if data is processed without decrypting it. Fully Homomorphic Encryption or FHE is one of the most advanced techniques of doing this.

Why FHE?

FHE or Fully Homomorphic Encryption ensures users never lose ownership of their data during its entire lifecycle because it is able to grasp the value of data in its encrypted state.

What is FHE?

Here’s a simple example. 

Alice runs a jewellery house. In order to keep her jewellery safe, she always keeps it under lock and key inside boxes. But there’s one problem. She needs to open the boxes to give the person assembling the jewellery access. How can Alice make sure the jewellery is not stolen (or exchanged) by the person who is working with it?

Alice quickly devises a solution: She builds a transparent box that has a pair of rubber gloves securely fastened on one side. The jewellery is still stored in the box but there is no need to take it out during the assembly process because the worker uses the gloves to access and assemble it. Alice is the only person with the key to the box and can open it to take out the assembled jewellery.

This is Fully Homomorphic Encryption or FHE. It can ensure that the original data (like the jewellery) is never stolen since it’s been encrypted (locked in a safe box). But people can still manipulate the data in a safe and efficient enough way (much like the workers using the rubber gloves to work with it).


Your signature is to verify that one action is proved by you. It is critical that no one else can see your signature and copy it. However, if we create a safe box (encryption) for your signature, the machine needs to understand what you are writing. FHE can help the server understand the content of your signature without revealing its original signing graphics on the server side. So even service providers can never know your original signature graphics.

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