About Us

We enable innovation and progress through data but also ensure privacy and security for everyone.

Secure data for data holders and owners

We help clients worldwide to have customized data sharing and computing solutions that are compliant with security measurements yet enable them to utilize all their data, even sensitive types. By using end-to-end PET cores and blockchain technologies built into plug-and-play solutions we empower organizations without much cryptographic knowledge to use best-of-breed data solutions that are fast to build and implement and easy to maintain.

Our Mission

Worldwide privacy compliance enabled through data encryption

We hope to see a day when all businesses can utilize and share their data without the fear of breaching privacy laws.

Today, it is complicated and sometimes impossible to use the vast amount of data organization’s generate. Especially when sharing data across continents and countries. Some data is too sensitive to compute, hindering the full potential of technologies such as AI that are dependent on data oceans.

An experienced and innovative team

We are a diverse group of individuals that have built and taken to market numerous companies and projects ranging from Data Security to Autonomous vehicles and even SaaS businesses. We are headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and are proud to collaborate with some of Sweden's most innovative organizations such as RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) in our projects. We bring to the table a combination of skills – including blockchain, cryptography, math, enterprise security sales, B2B marketing and digital product design. We share a passion for building amazing products and are focused on making Privasea a great success.

David Jiao


David is the co-founder and CEO of Privasea. With a background in AI and blockchain solutions, he’s responsible for business development and growth strategy.


Zhuan Cheng


As the brains behind everything cryptography, Zhuan is responsible for leading the research team to design and develop the cryptographic product architecture and blockchain solutions.


Noel Braganza

With a background in Digital Product Design from the MIT Design Lab, Noel leads the product innovation and design team with a focus on product experience and design strategy


Daniel Nilsson

Daniel has spent the last 20 years building up numerous technology startups across the globe and has a strong focus on optimising enterprise sales and marketing towards B2B.


Hongchao Liu

Our technical coach and system architect for FinTech collaborations, privacy products and solutions.


Jeffrey Duan

As a professor and director of Applied Mathematics from the Department of Illinois Institute of Technology. Jeffrey will be Chief Science Advisor for Privasea Cryptography algorithm design.


Vast Web3 privacy experience

The founding team has successfully built a Web3 privacy project in the blockchain industry called NuLink which is currently in its testing phase and planned launch. It provides security infrastructure for L1 partners and DAPP projects.

visit nulink


One of our early investors is Binance Labs that is involved in both NuLink and Privasea. 

Drop us a message

If you would like to know more about the solution we are building or if you want to collaborate in any way, please feel free to reach out on email contact@privasea.tech or fill in the form here

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