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Making it simple for everyone to take back control of their human likeness

Start by downloading ImHuman App, scanning your face and securing your human likeness.

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1. Create an account

It's simple. Just hit 'Create an account'. Create a unique username and password. Remember, to keep your password safely. ImHuman uses FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption) which means, even we cannot recover your password, if you were to forget it.

2. Scan your biometric data

Allow the ImHuman app to use your front facing camera to scan the vectors on your face. These vectors are encrypted directly on your phone. They are not sent to any servers and even we do not have access to it.

3. Your unique NFT is minted

The encrypted facial vectors are then sent to our servers awaiting orders for when you would need to be verified next. That means you get a unique NFT minted that contains your encrypted facial vectors. Pretty cool!

4. Congratulations, you're human

Now that all the heavy stuff is done, you can enjoy being verified as a real person. You're human.

5. Verify your facial vectors

Time to test if your encrypted vectors have been stored securely. Hit the 'Testify your liveness' button to scan a new facial vector of yourself. The data is once again encrypted on your device and sent to the ImHuman app to be compared against your original vectors using FHE. If the face is indeed you, congratulations the validation works.

6. Receive airdrops directly into the app

Of course, we don't expect you to participate just for fun, even though it is. You get to receive exclusive airdrops that you can unlock after verifying that you are indeed human.

ImHuman phone app

Download the ImHuman App

ImHuman on Google Play StoreImHuman Privasea FHEML Application