Use Cases

Privasea has deep domain expertise in cryptography and privacy-enhancing solutions. Here are a few of the use cases where we believe our technologies and skills are used the best.

Human likeness attestation

Healthcare Data Sharing

By encrypting it, any e-health records can be encrypted and securely shared with doctors, therapists and trainers who can assist patients without privacy leakage risks. We can help every individual control their own personal health data right at source.

Find Joint Clients For Banks

Privasea can use PSI (Private Set Intersection) to calculate the intersect part of 2 datasets without leaking the information to each other.

Safe Biometrics Algorithm 

Privasea enables sharing biometric information securely. Usually an advanced recognition algorithm is used to validate if biometric information is a match or not.

Data Analysis On Encrypted Dataset

Large data sets are usually full of interesting information and insights. It can however rarely be utilized. With FHE it is now possible.

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