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Share and monetize data yet stay compliant

Using secure Multi-Party sharing we protect data ownership and privacy, and facilitate secure sharing between different parties so data still can be processed.

Secured data source

Regardless of data source and encryption method the data is always safe and remains encrypted from end to end.

Remained data control in the owner’s hand

The rightful owner of the data always holds the power of the data shared. Full consent is always needed before sharing.

Smart access rights management

With encrypted data access management the owner of data decides when and who can access shared data.


Finally utilize your data fully

Process your data and train AI models without privacy leakage concerns

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Model with a secure data source

Build machine learning models by utilising FHE schemes hosting the data in a ciphertext space, left with no compliance problems whatsoever.

Predict or infer results in encrypted datasets

Use the Full Domain Functional Bootstrapping scheme to do statistical analysis in encrypted datasets, or Private Set Intersection to calculate the intersect part of two datasets without leaking the information to each other.

Cooperate with different data sources

Compute on the encrypted data under different keys for multi parties cooperation, without leakage risk by using Multi-Key FHE (MHE).


Building best-of-breed privacy solutions in data sharing

Privasea builds, deploys and maintains custom integrations of data security APIs, so small and large companies can securely share and compute their data.

Customised integrations

Data integrations are different and need to be customised for different APIs depending on the company and the privacy preserving tech stacks.

Continuous deployment

In model-driven or data-driven business, we can help MLOps and Analysis teams to quickly and easily adopt deployment by using updated models in ciphertext spaces.

Updating and maintaining privacy solutions

The project evolves along the way when the customer needs change. Special updates and maintenance can be fulfilled according to the solution specifications continuously.

End2End encryption -
The best way to ensure once and for all data protection compliance

Here is how we do it

Safe Data

Proxy Re-Encryption enables privacy sharing with smart user access right management.

Instant Data

Zero Knowledge Proof enables data availability before the sharing and transaction.

Protected Data Processing

Fully Homomorphic Encryption makes sure all data can be processed in ciphertext space yet still not be visible.


By applying the quantum difficulty problem LWE, the scheme itself has quantum resistance.


Our technologies are globally compliant to any data protection regulation, such as GDPR or CCPA.

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