The Privasea WorkHeart x StarFuel NFT node sale

Everything you need to know.

Privasea, the post-quantum FHE-powered blockchain technology designed to safeguard our most precious information, will soon enter into the mainnet phase.

In this potent share, we reveal the beating heart of our infrastructure: The WorkHeart nodes and StarFuel NFTs… and how you can be an invaluable part of that architecture while earning ongoing rewards in a novel design.

We’ve asked our advisor , EnigmaFund, who incepted and designed this architecture in collaboration with our tokenomic experts Austin Seiberlich of CoinCraft and Kenno from 1NVST, to drop an article explaining the short, and long-term benefits and dynamics of the Privasea node ecosystem.

The node sale goes live on the 10th of July at

The TL:DR for those who “ain’t nobody got time for that”:

  • Workheart Node is our PoW (Proof of Work) USB hardware node, the backbone of our entire DePIN architecture. 
  • You earn Privasea tokens via WorkHeart USBs. You can stake your WorkHeart reward tokens in StarFuel NFTs
  • The more tokens you stake in your StarFuel NFT, the higher your reward multiplier grows on your WorkHeart NFT reward emissions (juicy)
  • The more demand there is for Privasea, the more WorkHeart USBs are needed in the ecosystem. Demand drives growth.
  • There will only be 5,000 StarFuel NFTs, EVER (more juicy).
  • StarFuel NFTs will receive a variety of benefits, such as inclusivity in our airdrop campaigns
  • The lucky few that have BOTH WorkHeart and StarFuel NFTs will produce testnet tokens for our ecosystem.

Pricing and Bonuses:

  • WorkHeart USB nodes: 0.2ETH
  • StarFuel NFTs: 0.2ETH
  • Early bird special only for the first 500 WorkHeart USB nodes: buy the WorkHeart and StarFuel combo for only 0.3ETH!
  • WorkHeart USB nodes earn Privasea tokens in a POW pool representing 6.666% of our total supply
  • StarFuels NFTs will be included in an event-based airdrop representing 0.75% of our total token supply

What is Privasea and why is it necessary?

The Privasea AI DePIN Network offers a groundbreaking solution to the challenges associated with data privacy in the realm of artificial intelligence. 

We innovate by performing encrypted machine learning inferences, using secret datasets to enhance privacy and security. Privasea AI Network enables sharing of data insights instead of raw data, reducing privacy risks and promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The network uses token incentives and smart contracts to manage Gas Fees and miner Staking, combining Proof-of-Work (POW) and Proof-of-Stake (POS) for secure, efficient processing.

Privasea testnet prioritizes privacy and security, enabling users to leverage distributed computing while maintaining full control and confidentiality of their data and models for a secure AI experience.

Examples of what Privasea will be used for:

  • Powering biometric data applications without exposing all your data
  • Data analysis on encrypted data sets
  • Healthcare data sharing
  • Enabling banks and corporations to calculate which data they can share with each other without exposing their entire data sets
  • Secret inference and many more...

WorkHeart USB nodes

The WorkHeart USB nodes are the backbone of Privasea’s Proof-of-Work AI DePIN architecture design. Privasea’s FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption). 

To fully decentralize the network, Privasea have chosen a hardware format that is portable and easy to handle/ integrate when going with a USB format.

The USB nodes have a probabilistic ability to perform critical functions in the network.

There is a pool from the total Privasea token supply, which is dedicated to rewards for the contributors who run the USB nodes. A total of 66,666,666 tokens representing 6.666 % of the total Privasea supply are reserved for this purpose.

We will be releasing WorkHeart USB nodes in “seasons” or “waves”. There will only be 500 initially available to tap into the first season’s reward pool. In each season we will ship more USBs to meet demand. 

StarFuel NFTs

The StarFuel NFTs are built for the core of our culture and community at Privasea as well as partner closely with core contribution to the Privasea architecture.

By pairing the StarFuel NFT with a WorkHeart USB node, the two work in tandem for the benefit of every actor in the network.

Earning and Amplifying WorkHeart PoW rewards

  • Your WorkHeart USB PoW rewards can be staked into the StarFuel NFT
  • The StarFuel NFT does not produce staking rewards, thus not contravening any regulations surrounding PoS. 
  • Instead the StarFuel NFT amplifies/ multiplies the hashpower of your WorkHeart USB, by taking the rewards you earn and putting them to work via the NFT.
  • This powerful incentive creates greater passive earning for workers, and consistently reduces the circulating supply of the Privasea token ensuring greater scarcity.
  • There will be only 5000 StarFuel NFTs ever minted. (500 of them reserved for the WorkHeart USB combo)

Emission Rates and Schedules

Reward pool -  6.66% of total supply.

Those rewards will be distributed within a time frame of 36-42 months.

Rewards will be based on:

1. Computation Power

2. Uptime

3. Tokens staking multiplier on Starfuel NFT

Privasea plans on buying back a portion of the FHE computational demand to continue to restock the rewards pool to provide increased rewards over time and the length of time of the USB reward. The goal of these buybacks is to eventually have a self sustaining ecosystem where USBs are rewarded purely by FHE computational demand.

Implied FDV calculation


◦ Reserved tokens for this category: 66,666,666

◦ Price per USB: 0.2 ETH 

◦ Current ETH price: 3500$

◦ Amount of USBs live in our network: 5000 

◦ Same uptime and computation power for every USB

• This would result in a implied USB FDV of $52.5 million

  • 10 000 USBs live in our network = 105M implied FDV
  • 15 000 USBs live in our network = 157.5M implied FDV
  • 20 000 USBs live in our network = 210M implied FDV
  • 30 000 USBs live in our network = 315M implied FDV
  • 50 000 USBs live in our network = 525M implied FDV

The higher the demand, the higher the valuation.

In Summary

We anticipate that this innovation in PoW and PoS interoperability with a long-term outlook at incentives across project, users and clients creates a balanced approach to creating a powerful experience for all players while pushing forward innovation in blockchain incentive mechanisms.

Privasea forms the beating heart of crypto and AI’s ability to deliver critical privacy tools, which look beyond the mundane obfuscation of transactions and rather into the ability to do business with data sets and identity in a way that has always been a north star, now no longer out of reach.

We invite you to step into the bold new era of the privacy and AI economy with us as a partner and contributor with WorkHear and StarFuel.

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