Join the heartbeat of the Privasea AI network

Jul 10, 5pm, UTC +8
icon starfuel

StarFuel NFT

Boost your Privasea network pulse

Get the StarFuel NFT and supercharge your nodes. Gain special access to Privasea DApp, such as Proof-Of-Human, and enjoy benefits like free personal use and ongoing payment discounts.

icon workheart

WorkHeart Node

Become a true contributor of the Privasea community

The WorkHeart Node makes sure nodes are live and maintained by humans for seamless FHE AI services. The owners of the WorkHeart NFT will receive Genesis USB hardware. The WorkHeart Combo will be available for reservation.

WorkHeart Combo

icon workheart

WorkHeart Combo combines both the StarFuel NFT and the Genesis USB

WorkHeart Combo contains all the benefits of StarFuel but with enhanced rewards with WorkHeart

Learn more about the node sale