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Job Description:

Responsible for the application of privacy computing and blockchain products in extended fields, including but not limited to the integration and application of technologies such as facial recognition and biometric identification. Lead the planning, design, and promotion of the product, ensuring its market competitiveness and user experience.


  • RResponsible for the requirements analysis, planning, and design of fully homomorphic encryption and blockchain-related products.
  • Gain deep insights into market and user needs, iterating and optimizing product features.
  • Collaborate closely with the technical team to ensure the progress and quality of product development.
  • Write, update, and maintain product documentation.
  • Interface with the marketing and sales teams, providing product training and sales support.
  • Track the latest industry trends and technological developments, providing strategic advice for the product.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher, with a preference for majors in Computer Science, Product Design, Marketing, or related fields.
  • Over 3 years of experience as a Product Manager, with a preference for experience in blockchain, privacy computing, or related fields.
  • Strong interest and deep understanding of blockchain technology and privacy computing.
  • Strong market analysis skills, capable of accurately grasping product direction and user needs.
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills, able to work collaboratively with multiple departments to drive the product from concept to market launch.
  • Experience in successfully launching blockchain or biometric-related products is preferred

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  • 💌 A cover letter - describe briefly what you enjoy working with and developing.
  • 📄 A simple CV (since we know you’ve worked hard on it) or your LinkedIn Profile

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