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Back-end Engineer



Responsible for building robust and scalable backend services to support the growing user base and business needs. Work closely with the technical team to jointly promote system architecture optimization and technology innovation..


  • Design and develop high-performance and high-availability backend services to meet business needs and user growth;
  • Responsible for handling high-concurrency requests for the system, ensuring the system's response speed and throughput through rational architecture design and performance optimization;
  • Conduct in-depth analysis and solve system performance bottlenecks to improve system stability and reliability;
  • Participate in system capacity planning and performance testing, develop and implement corresponding optimization strategies;
  • Work closely with team members and participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and system maintainability;
  • Follow the latest developments in backend technology and introduce new technologies and innovative solutions to the team.


  • achelor degree or above in computer related majors, with solid programming foundation and good knowledge of data structures and algorithms;
  • Proficient in Python, Go and other back-end development languages, and have good programming habits;
  • Deep understanding and practical experience in high concurrency, high performance, and high reliability;
  • Familiar with microservice architecture, containerization technology and cloud service platform, and understand the design and optimization of distributed systems;
  • Strong system design and architecture capabilities, able to design scalable and maintainable backend systems;
  • Have good teamwork spirit and communication skills, and be able to work effectively with team members such as product managers and front-end engineers;
  • Keep a keen insight into new technologies and have the ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies;
  • Experience in developing large-scale distributed systems, high concurrency, and real-time processing systems is preferred;
  • Familiar with database performance tuning, caching strategies, load balancing and other back-end optimization techniques;

When applying please include the following

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  • 💌 A cover letter - describe briefly what you enjoy working with and developing.
  • 📄 A simple CV (since we know you’ve worked hard on it) or your LinkedIn Profile

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