Genesis Campaign Season 1: User Boost

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Campaign Overview:

The Genesis Campaign Season 1 is focused on user growth. Participants earn stars by completing various tasks, with the ultimate goal of growing the user base. At the end of the season, stars reset, and users can exchange them for official Privasea airdrop. Additionally, the top 5000 users will be automatically whitelisted for the Node Sale.

Campaign Duration:

  • Start Date: May 27
  • End Date: July 31

How to Earn Stars:


  1. Genesis Code: Users with a Genesis Code have 3-level referral power.
    • Level 1 (Direct referral): Earn 100 stars per referred user.
    • Level 2 (Referral of your referrals): Earn 50 stars per referred user.
    • Level 3 (Referral of your Level 2 referrals): Earn 25 stars per referred user.
  2. Derived Code: Users with a Derived Code have 2-level referral power.
    • Level 1 (Direct referral): Earn 100 stars per referred user.
    • Level 2 (Referral of your referrals): Earn 50 stars per referred user.

Star Redemption:

At the end of the season, stars can be redeemed for Privasea official airdrop. The redemption rates vary based on user rankings:

  1. Top 1-3%: Highest exchange rate.
  2. Top 4-20%: Second Highest exchange rate, slightly lower than the top 3%.
  3. Top 21-50%: Higher than standard exchange rate.
  4. Users below the 50% threshold receive the standard exchange rate.

Special Rewards:

  • Node Sale Whitelist: The top 5000 users in terms of stars earned will automatically receive a whitelist spot for the Node Sale.

Ranking and Rewards:

  • Rankings will be calculated based on the total number of stars earned by each user.
  • The ranking will be updated in real-time and can be viewed on the Privasea leaderboard.
  • At the end of the season, the leaderboard will determine the star-to-token exchange rates for the different ranking tiers.

Important Notes:

  • Stars reset at the end of each season.
  • Participation and referral activity will be closely monitored to prevent abuse.
  • Privasea reserves the right to adjust the campaign rules and rewards as necessary.

Get Started:

  1. Join the Campaign: Sign up on the APP ImHuman and get your unique Genesis or Derived Code.
  2. Refer Users: Share your code with friends and earn stars for each referral.
  3. Track Your Progress: Monitor your ranking on the Privasea leaderboard.
  4. Redeem Rewards: At the end of the season, exchange your stars for Privasea tokens and secure your spot on the Node Sale whitelist.

Good luck, and let's grow the Privasea community together!

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