Privasea receives research funds to discover privacy-preserving vehicle data sharing

Privasea is proud to announce RISE, Vinnova and Alkit as funders and research partners of this project

One of the biggest challenges the electric and autonomous vehicle industry faces today is how to securely collect continuously generated user data and share it without compromising the privacy of customers or breaking EU or other federal and local data protection laws.

Privasea AB aims to solve this problem with Pri-Auto, a project for the sustainable automotive industry. We are proud to announce that Sweden’s Vinnova Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation (FFI) has selected it for funding this year.

The data-sharing solution is expected to be a game changer in the automotive industry because it releases the full value of vehicle data and also ensures once and for all GDPR compliance. The pilot product will be delivered during Q1 2023.


Details of the project

For the Pri-Auto project, Privasea will build infrastructure to set up a secure data source for the automotive industry and ensure that data can be shared between multiple parties such as OEMs and MaaS and insurance companies with smart access rights management.

The solution will help OEMs or MaaS companies to set up a secure data source directly from the vehicle, with the driver able to grant access to all data users. Besides facilitating secure multi-party data sharing, it even helps bridge data islands inside automotive companies.

For this project, Privasea is collaborating with RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) and Alkit Communications AB, a data capture supplier for OEMs such as Volvo Group and Volvo Cars. While RISE will investigate technical feasibility, its impacts, and potential large industry pilot cases to support new mobility services, Alkit will provide access to its vehicle data and collection platforms for testing and validation.

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