Privasea Raises $5M to Pioneer Depin with FHEML Technology

The investment round attracted contributions from leading innovators in technology and blockchain, including Binance Labs, Gate Labs, MH Ventures, K300, and QB Ventures.

Privasea, a trailblazer in DEPIN+AI technology, has successfully secured $5M in funding to advance its pioneering integration of Fully Homomorphic Encryption Machine Learning (FHEML) into a distributed computing network.

The funding round saw participation from some of the most forward-thinking investors in the technology and blockchain spheres, including Binance Labs, Gate Labs, MH Ventures, K300, QB Ventures, Crypto Times, and some angels from the industry such as Zakaria (zak) Awes and Luke Sheng(from Chainlink).

These early backers have recognized the potential of Privasea's innovative approach to enhancing data privacy and security in distributed computing. Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) allows for computations to be performed on encrypted data, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure even when processed. By integrating FHE with machine learning capabilities, Privasea aims to enable more secure, efficient, and computations across its network.

Privasea is also gearing up to launch the world's first decentralized application utilizing FHE technology – the "ImHuman" dApp. This innovative application will leverage FHE to ensure the “proof of human” is securely executed, providing a reliable and tamper-proof method for verifying human users in the digital realm.

With this funding, Privasea is set to enhance product development and expand its user base, leveraging its unique DEPIN+AI strategy to revolutionize secure, decentralized digital infrastructure.

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