Privasea and Mind Network Partner to Revolutionize Data Privacy

Privasea and Mind Network are collaborating to enhance data encryption and secure sharing, paving the way for safer, more efficient data-driven operations focused on privacy.

Data privacy and security are increasingly important concerns in the digital age. As more and more of our personal data is stored online, it is essential to have secure ways to share and access this data.

Two companies that are leading the way in data privacy and security are Privasea and Mind Network. Privasea is a startup that specializes in privacy computing infrastructure, while Mind Network is a pioneer in decentralized zero-trust data lakes.

Privasea is currently constructing a finely-tuned library optimized for mainstream Fully Homomorphic Encryption operations, providing efficient and user-friendly solutions for both web2 and web3 customers. Mind Network, on the other hand, focuses on secure data-driven smart contracts and AI on encrypted data. Their Encrypted Read and Write solution is a simple but widely adoptable method for persisting private social posts, photos, videos, and highly sensitive private documents like KYC materials, legal docs, etc.

One of the key aspects of this collaboration is the integration of Mind Network's FHE datalake into Privasea's AI network. This integration will bridge user data to decentralized nodes, ensuring that data remains encrypted from end to end, regardless of the data source. This will enhance data security and facilitate secure sharing between different parties, allowing data to be processed without compromising privacy.

Privasea's core competencies include data value circulation instead of data itself, easy deployment, and lower gas by decentralized computation power. Their FHE naturally supports key switching feature and can share the encrypted data calculation results inside the network, keeping the data ownership for the users. It can be easily deployed to any L1/L2 or infra ECO systems by integrating the incentive tokenomics part into different chains. They also provide lower gas fee for users when they put FHE machine learning assignments into their network.

Moreover, the partnership will see both companies cooperating in the field of Privacy Enhancing Technology - PET. With Privasea's commitment to GDPR, CCPA, ISO/IEC 27002 compliance, and Mind Network's Zero Trust Framework, the collaboration will further strengthen the privacy and security of data, ensuring that the rightful owner of the data always holds the power of the data shared.

This partnership between Privasea and Mind Network signifies a new era in data privacy and security. By combining their technologies and expertise, both companies are poised to deliver innovative solutions that will make data sharing safer, more secure, and more efficient. This long-term partnership is a testament to their shared vision of a future where data privacy is not just an afterthought, but a fundamental aspect of all data-driven operations.

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